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Air Duct Cleaning

Why Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance of Central Ac Is Important?

To eliminate bad smells and bad smells. Also, an accumulation of dust and dirt over the years can result in a musty smell coming from the duct system. A thorough air duct cleaning removes all odor-absorbing particles, resulting in a fresher-smelling home. 

What kind of air duct cleaning work is needed for central air?

We’ve looked at the various compressors and condensers used for central air conditioning, but what about air ducts? In short, a duct has the capability of carrying cooled air from the air compressor through your home and can also exhaust hot air. Central air conditioning ducts are used for heating and filtration systems. Let’s look at some of the various types of ducts needed for air conditioning.

Flexible Ductwork

The flexible duct is usually made of a coil of wire that is covered in an insulated plastic material which is surrounded by insulation. The most important thing to consider when selecting a duct is the installation requirements. For example, an elastic tube must be properly supported and secured to ensure it does not kink or kink.These reduce airflow and are able to reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioner. The advantages are that they are relatively quick and easy to install, and often cost less than rigid ductwork. You can find out more about flexible ducts and their installation guidelines from the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Rigid Air Duct Cleaning work 

Available in a variety of materials and sizes, they are often isolated. They can be a rigid, strong, durable and reliable duct. The most common types of rigid ducts are:

Sheet metal ducts

These are the types of ducts you have seen in movies, sometimes with action heroes crawling through them. Galvanized steel and aluminum are the most common sheet metal duct materials. Aluminum in particular is relatively light and easy to assemble. They are also safe from mold and growth since they have non-porous surfaces.

Fiberglass Lined Ducts 

These are sheet metal ducts (as described above) where an inner or outer fiberglass liner is used. This type of duct is common in offices and commercial buildings because it deadens noise in offices and commercial buildings. In order to prevent the destruction of these fiberglass ducts by Fiberglass particles, the fiberglass in these ducts should be cleaned at regular intervals. This is a major health concern, especially with prolonged exposure, the air duct cleaning process is difficult to perform on fiberglass lined ducts and the fibers can also be released from the liner if the cleaning process is not carried out to the full extent possible. This contamination can be controlled or eliminated with proper cleaning.

Fiberboard Ductwork 

Fiberboard is made from the fibers that have been compressed and bonded with a resin. Then covered with a thin clear sheet of aluminum foil  to protect them from air pollution. Ducts are made out of materials that have a very good resistance to heat. However, it is recommended that this is not a ventilation system and the same duct should be used as the original duct of another system. It can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew in humid climates. Due to the roughness of the surface, they can also affect airflow and efficiency.

When installing an air conditioner, consult  your contractor to determine what type of duct is the best for your home or office. Most of the time, sheet metal is the safest and very effective material for making conduits.

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