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Modes in AC

Tips to reduce Electricity Bill by using various modes in AC

Previous air conditioners mainly had 3 cooling options: low, medium and high and of course an on/off switch. Over the years and with advances in technology, there have been many electronic integrations in air conditioners. allowed air conditioners to offer more varied cooling options and gave consumers the ability to customize their air conditioner settings for optimal cooling and comfort. Although you can find the capabilities of different modes in your Split AC or Window AC manual, let’s see how different modes in AC affect power consumption and what would be an ideal environment for your interior.

Cool Mode In AC

Cool mode in AC is the default mode of an air conditioner, whether it is a split air conditioner  or a window air conditioner. In this mode, the air conditioner works according to the set temperature  and the fan speed at which it works. It depends on the temperature at which  your air conditioner is working. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), “You can save about 6% on electricity by increasing the temperature of your air conditioner by 1 degree.” Adjusting the temperature of your air conditioner to 24°C can  save almost 25% on your electricity bill .

Fan Mode In AC

In this mode, only the fan runs and the compressor turns off. Compressor is the component of an AC that uses the most electricity. Although this Fan mode in AC is the most energy efficient as the compressor is idle, the downside  is that there is no cooling as the compressor is the component responsible for cooling the cabin.

Dry Mode In AC

This mode is particularly useful for cities that are closer to the sea and  have high humidity, or for days with high humidity such as January, during the monsoon. In these conditions, getting rid of moisture in a room provides a lot of comfort. Run your air conditioner in dry mode to remove excess moisture from the air. Here the fan runs at a lower speed and the compressor runs in bursts for long cycles, which helps remove excess moisture from a room. This is a good energy saving option for high humidity areas  as the fan runs at low speed and the compressor also runs for shorter periods of time.However, this  setting doesn’t allow the AC to provide much cold air since the compressor isn’t actively running, but it does help remove excess moisture from the air, making for a comfortable setting.

Energy Saver Mode

In cooling mode, the compressor turns off once the desired temperature is reached based on the thermostat setting, while the fan keeps spinning. When the air conditioner is set to energy-saving mode, the fan will turn off along with the compressor as soon as the indoor temperature  reaches the value set on the thermostat. Once the temperature starts to rise above the cut-off limit, the fan and compressor will turn on again. Electricity is saved as it is not primarily used to run the fan motors and by turning the  compressor on and off this mode helps you save on your electricity bills.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is a function normally observed in inverter air conditioners – be it a Split AC or a Window AC. How it facilitates you shop energy is with the aid of using first operating difficult to get the ambient temperature to the only you’ve got got chosen. Once the favored ambient temperature is reached, the inverter slows right all the way down to hold the temperature. It then begins off evolved periodically growing the ambient temperature each hour (commonly with the aid of using 0.5-1 degree) until it has expanded the general temperature with the aid of using 2 degrees, so in case you to start with set the AC temperature to 24° C whilst you went to sleep, withinside the Sleep Mode, your air conditioner will run until it achieves an ambient temperature of 26° C after which it’ll both flip off or run quietly, preserving that temperature. This facilitates you get an awesome night’s sleep while not having to awaken to change off your AC.

Choosing the proper mode to your air conditioner is vital for a cushty place and additionally saving up to your power bill. Depending on the form of surroundings and temperature situations around, you could pick out one of a kind modes in AC for maximum cooling and comfort. If you personal a MirAIe-enabled Panasonic AC, you could set sleep profiles to your air conditioner, placing one of a kind temperatures as according to your comfort in the course of the time that you’re asleep, so you revel in a cushty sleep, while not having to awaken withinside the nighttime to interchange off your AC.

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