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The Best Temperature Setup For Your Central Air Conditioner System

The Best Temperature Setup For Your Central Air Conditioner System 

Electric bills tend to skyrocket in the summer months when homeowners activate their central air conditioner system. It can be a dispute between family members regarding what temperature settings are the most comfortable. However, there is a simple solution to this rather thorny problem. According to the Department of Energy, you should aim to set your thermostat at 76 degrees – 7 degrees higher than last year’s average usage. For every degree above 75 you set, you can cut back on your electricity bill by up to 3 percent! And if everyone sets their central heating system at 78 degrees.

So What Is The Best Temperature Setting For Your Central Air Conditioner System?

We understand you might have a different opinion on this subject, but we’ll try to remain impartial. HVAC Experts suggest setting the air conditioner about 75 degrees when you’re awake and at home for optimal cooling and energy efficiency. The Department of Energy suggests that people should buy and set the central air conditioner system between 73 degrees and 76 degrees when they’re home. Both sources agree that temperatures above 78 degrees or below 65 degrees waste energy and can lead to health problems. 

Once your family is at peace with their thermostat environment, HVAC Experts suggest increasing the degree setting by 4°F when you’re sleeping and 7°F when no one is home. A smart thermostat makes managing your needs easy whether a programmable or manual model. Set the optimal temperature setting to better tailor your cooling needs to your needs. Program, but you can configure a manually-operated system if it best fits your budget!

For example, try the following temperature settings: • 25°C when you’re at home • 30°C when you’re at work or if you are sleeping away from home • 30°C when you are in your own bed (or otherwise trying to sleep) We realize that not everyone finds this to be a comfortable temperature setting, but we have done some digging and learned that the standard room temperature is 281.3 K which translates to 293.25 F or so. This means at 70 F or 21 C, we are on the hot side by about 3 degrees Celsius! The set-in-stone temperatures range from 68–72 F / 20–22 C depending on where people live, only in America do people tend to set the heat a lot higher!

If you can tolerate a little more heat, play around with the temperature in your home. If you notice that at 80°F you’re ok but 85°F makes you feel too hot, see if it’s something you can live with. Increasing the temperature by 1 degree will cause your air conditioner to work less and ultimately result in smaller energy bills each month. On the flip side, if there’s any temperature increase that makes your living space uncomfortable for you, try lowering the temperature a small amount each day or so until it feels right again.

Other Ways To Beat The Heat 

If you have a fan, turn it on. Ceiling and box fans help to circulate air in the room to keep the air moving so that you don’t feel as hot. But remember that if you live in a warm or humid area then your fan won’t have much of an impact at keeping you cool unless it has plenty of room to move around. It’s best to use your central air conditioner system during the nights when it gets cooler outside and keep your windows closed so that the cool air has a place to go after being refreshed by the winds. If you need the AC when you get home, turn it  on before you arrive or, for some thermostats, turn it on with a smartphone app.If there’s a heat wave, avoid using the washer, dryer, and dishwasher during the heat of the day. Also, use the exhaust fans in your kitchen when you’re cooking or in the bathroom when you’re taking a shower. Cooking outdoors on the grill is another way to keep the heat out of the house. 

What To Do If You Have A Window Air Conditioner 

The central air conditioner system is great but if you have one in every room, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to get all of them to the same temperature. Another issue may arise depending on just how many rooms you are trying to cool using only air conditioning. Additionally, noise pollution may become an issue and put a damper on your home-enjoyment experience.

Finding the right comfort level is a matter of trial and error. Try with a temperature setting that feels good to you, and see if it affects your bill. If you have a window unit in your bedroom, turn it on about half an hour before going to bed and so it’ll be cool when you get in rather than cooling an empty room. And remember – when it comes time to figure out what’s best for you, don’t forget to take the other people in your home into account as well!

Thermostats That Help You Save

Using a programmable thermostat helps you accomplish your programming needs to maintain temperatures which fit your schedule. Smart and Programmable thermostats are designed to do more, offer additional features and are often easier to use over other types of thermostats available on the market today. If you’re looking for the latest in remote access or remote control options, consider a smart or programmable thermostat.

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