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Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) treatment is a proven technology to disinfect air. Short Ultraviolet (UVC) light of wavelength 253.7nm is used to deactivate the nucleic acid of microorganisms including viruses. This makes them incapable of reproducing this preventing their spread.

Apart from deactivating viruses, control of bio-aerosols using UVGI treatment can also improve Indoor Air Quality thus enhancing occupants’ health, comfort and productivity.

Blue Star has therefore introduced a new range of ducted systems with inbuilt UVGI system to fight harmful viruses and bacteria.

Blue Star’s UV Duct system helps prevent the spread of infectious microbes even while maintaining comfortable conditions inside the air conditioned space.

Integrating world-class UVC generators inside Blue Star’s proven ducted air conditioning systems, these systems offer users a compact two-in-one system that air conditions even while disinfecting the air and making it free of all viruses and bacteria, including the dreaded COVID-19 virus.


      • In any UV air treatment system, proper selection of UV Tubes with correct dosage of UVC, time of exposure and velocity of air are very important. Blue Star UV Ducted systems are designed after careful consideration of all these parameters.
      • The Blue Star UV Ducted System is a readymade and easy to install ducted air conditioner. All components are in-built.
      • All safety precautions are adhered to in Blue Star’s UV Ducted System.
      • The design ensures 100% exposure of air to the UVC system.
      • It is the perfect system for all applications that require continuous air disinfection, including hospitals where the possibility of infection spread is higher.

The Blue Star Ducted Unit with bult-in UVGI system therefore ensures virus-free and safe interiors.


As a side benefit but an important one, the integration of the UVGI system in these ducted units helps to constantly clean the cooling coil surfaces too. This ensures that the cooling coils are always free of pollutants such as bacteria, mould, and algae, resulting in many major advantages:

      • Reduced pressure drop across the coil
      • Maximum air flow with the least resistance
      • Improved heat exchange efficiency
      • Overall reduction in power consumption
      • Lower maintenance cost since the cleaning process is continuous, resulting in low cleaning costs
      • Elimination of unpleasant odour generated due to algae-like particles


      • Deactivates bacteria, viruses
      • Improves air quality
      • 24×7 air purification process
      • Constantly cleans coils and pans, no more manual cleaning
      • Keeps coils working at original operating parameters
      • Reduces maintenance costs
      • Increases life of coil
      • Restores heat transfer and airflow uniformity
      • Tested and certified safe-for-humans


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