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Control your air conditioning with your phone

HVAC Experts Guide – How to Control Air Conditioner from your Smartphone Efficiently

You rely on your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable regardless of the weather. Fortunately, smart technology provides new opportunities. Newer systems can connect directly to the internet, giving you the power to control air conditioner virtually anywhere in the world. You have an unprecedented level of control by remotely managing the temperature of your home. Thanks to home automation, you save money from a smartphone or tablet. 

In this article we discuss:

* Think small to optimize your purchase

* Smart Home Technology To Control Air Conditioner

* An intuitive control panel

* Optimize the use of the air conditioner

* Set different temperatures in different rooms

Smart Home Technology To Control Air Conditioner

Think small to optimize your purchase

It is common to find HVAC systems in homes larger and more powerful than they should be. Builders sometimes encourage this buying reflex, on the grounds that oversized systems can heat or cool your home very quickly. If an owner systematically adjusts the thermostat before leaving their house for several hours, access to a comfortable temperature is much faster when they return, which is indeed true.

It has 2 drawbacks:

* The first is obvious: larger systems use more energy, which increases the energy bill.

* The second is that oversized air conditioners can cool homes so quickly, they cycle on and off just as quickly, making it difficult to control the level of humidity in homes.

But if you program the thermostat with a remote control, or by controlling it from your Smartphone while you are on your way home you can also adjust the temperature. Thus, it is possible to enjoy more efficient air conditioning without sacrificing your comfort.

Smart Home Technology To Control Air Conditioner

Smart home technology is constantly developing. The most advanced solutions can already take into account the schedules and habits of the occupants. Very modern air conditioning systems are equipped to know when you come home from work, or sports, when your child comes home from school, and can thus switch to desired temperatures in your absence. This also saves money.

This technology is in the development phase to be fully integrated into the electrical network. Air conditioning systems will be able to differentiate price fluctuations according to peak or off-peak hours in other ways, and make the necessary adjustments. But for smartphone users who want ultimate control over their air conditioning, this technology is already in their hands!

You can also buy remote control adapters. They are connected by radio waves, or through cables, to turn them into an intelligent server. Control air conditioner with a Smartphone is not only a solution to save energy, it is also rather fun. What about you, can you now extend the capabilities of your standard air conditioner by programming the operating time or temperature level on your phone?

This type of control works perfectly on all types of air conditioners, in air conditioners like:

* wall mounted

* ceiling lights

* skirting boards

* tape

* without air duct

An intuitive control panel

Touch screens are easy to use. The apps are very intuitive. They together make for optimal use by the way of illustration, this simplicity very often boils down to the “Travel”, “Zones”, “Settings” and “Climate” modes. Everything is accessible from the home screen of your Smartphone application. Simply click on the feature you want to activate, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Optimize the use of the air conditioner

The intelligence of the touch control panel allows you to optimize the air conditioning of your home. You can be informed of the air-conditioned rooms, and with what volume of air. The advantage may be to exclude from the air conditioning rooms which are not used much, or which are not used at certain times of the day. This optimization helps you moderate operational costs! Set different temperatures in different rooms with these new control air conditioner systems, you can precisely control the amount of air that circulates in each room.

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