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Packaged Ducted Air Conditioner
and Ducted Splits

An unmatched range to meet diverse needs.

1. Range
• Air Cooled Ducted splits: 3, 5.5, 8.5, 8.75, 11, 17 & 22 TR
• Air Cooled Packaged Air Conditioner: 5.5, 8.75, 1, 16.5 & 22 TR
• Water Cooled Packaged ACs: 58, 11 & 16b TR

2. Highly energy efficient and extremely reliable scroll compressor offers vital
advantages such as quick and efficient cooling, lower power bills and minimal
maintenance costs

3. Smart microprocessor control loaded with user-friendly features such as
built-in time delay, run-time equalization and memory back-up

4. Multiple unit installations allow ‘zoning’ of the premises, whereby different
zones can be cooled by individual units enabling zone-wise cooling

5. Ducted splits occupy less space above the false ceiling thus giving more

6. Low noise and compact indoor and outdoor units
AC Installation service


Get More Comfort.

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