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The Perfect Cold Room Storage ​

1. Cold room storage  is a critical piece of infrastructure for any industry. The quality of stored produce and raw materials depends on the reliable and precise functioning of the cold storage

2. Our experience in creating cold room storage that offer different storage conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, fresh air, airflow etc, to suit different industry requirements has made us leaders in this domain as well.

3. Our engineers plan and design cold room storage based on advanced heat calculations using internationally acclaimed software and build your cold rooms with great precision

Blue Star'sold Storage Division's domain expertise extends to a wide 43ectrum of industries that includes:

Agro Industry Healthcare Meat Processing
Cold Chains Horticulture Pharmaceuticalss
Dairy Hotels & Restaurants Ripening Chambers
Floriculture Ice Cream R & D Labs
Food Processing Industrial Canteens Sea Food


Get More Comfort.

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